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POLL: How Many Games Are You Going to This Season?

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Earlier this year, Kleph polled RBR readers about which game you most want to see next season. I decided to do a bit of a spin on that poll to see how much the RBR readership attends games in person. Dick Coffee is obviously the gold standard for game attendance and none of us are going to match that, but I am curious to see the number of times the average RBR readers makes his or her way to the stadium whether home or away. Assuming Tuscaloosa is the point of origin for one's travels, there are a couple of super far away games this year (Florida and Penn State) as well as three others not in Tuscaloosa, but that are very close to home (Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Auburn.) So, seven home games and five away games -- let us know which ones you're planning on going to in the comments.