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The Jumbo Package | 7.29.11

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Alabama's once promising backfield needs to quickly restock |

Trent Richardson, a Heisman Trophy candidate, appears prepared to take over as the top running back after the departure Mark Ingram, now with the New Orleans Saints. Who trades carries with the star junior at this point is unclear after BamaOnline reported through a source Wednesday that sophomore Eddie Lacy sustained a pectoral muscle injury. The report states the injury is "not considered a major setback" and continues to be evaluated.

Lacy setback not considered major - BamaOnLine

BamaOnline has confirmed that Eddie Lacy's apparent weight-room injury from Wednesday morning is not considered a major setback and will not require surgery.

Mal Moore tells Scottsboro audience he's optimistic about '11 Tide team |

This year's Tide football team "has got a chance to be a good team and to play into being a good team," he said. Moore noted there is "a little uncertainty" at quarterback because of the inexperience of A.J. McCarron and Phillip Sims, but "either one you could win with."

Julio Jones signs 4-year, $16.2 million deal with Falcons | ProFootballTalk

The Atlanta Falcons have all their draft picks under contract, with wide receiver Julio Jones getting done this evening. Zach Klein of WSB-TV in Atlanta reports that Jones signed a four-year, $16.2 million fully guaranteed contract.

Alabama sets pace with NFL talent - SEC Blog - ESPN

Who's the most talented college football team heading into the 2011 season? If you go by which team has the most NFL draft-eligible players on its roster and which team has the most high-round talent on its roster, Alabama is the winner.

Nick Saban to youth football camp: Pay attention, don't play Xbox, be like Freddy Krueger (video) |

Saban differentiates between investing time and spending time. "When you invest your time, you make a goal and a decision of something that you want to accomplish," Saban said. "Whether it's make good grades in school, be a good athlete, be a good person, go down and do some community service and help somebody who's in need, whatever it is you choose to do, you're investing your time in that. "When you spend your time, you play Xbox. That's spending time. It accomplishes nothing. And I know all of you would say, 'Oh, man, I need to have my relaxation time.' You know what I say to that? And excuse me to all the mamas out here, but that's bull----. You don't need to do that."

Well That's Cool " Blog Archive " Brews Cruise III – Early sale at Green Bar

"* Due to overwhelming demand, we are updating our Friday night ticket kick off party. The tickets will not be sold til 10 but people may arrive at 9 and get a number. At ten, we will start selling based on number. We are only selling 35 tickets with a maximum of two per person at this event. They will cost $15 and all we will be able to accept is cash."

On Friday July 29th, we are planning to head out to Green Bar and offer the first round of  tickets to the 3rd Annual Brews Cruise which will be taking place on Friday Aug. 26th.  We will only be doing cash purchases this night, but no service charge will be added. After Friday night, they will only be available on line starting Monday Aug. 1st  here.

SEC could be in the running again |

"It's not a primary goal,'' insists Richardson of winning the Heisman. "If it happens, it happens. … That's something I always grew up dreaming about, but when it really comes down to it, maybe you better make sure you win that game first.''

Was Bear Bryant Right About Offense Selling Tickets? - Team Speed Kills

Many people have taken a shot at trying to prove or disprove the second part of the Bear's adage about defense winning championships. I myself took a shot at explaining some element of it in 2009, though many others have taken more rigorous looks at the issue. The general consensus is that defense might be slightly more important than offense, but you're better off doing well at both. What I haven't seen is any kind of real attempt to test the validity of the first half of the phrase regarding the ability of offense to sell tickets. That's what I'm going to try to address here on a fairly basic level.

Changes are in the Future for SEC | College Football News, Opinion and Analysis | Chuck Oliver.Net

Honestly, I’m fine with just how things are. I like the current setup the SEC has with 12 teams and the championship game in Atlanta. I just better enjoy it while I can because change is coming. The Big 10 and Pac 12 have already made their moves and you better believe Slive has a plan ready to put into action. - Not over yet for four star LB

Brown also made the decision to end his commitment to Alabama. "They told me they were still going to recruit me and I told them they were still number one on my list you know. I just want to reopen my recruiting and look at other schools," revealed Brown. "I still got a good relationship (with Alabama), I don't talk to them as much, but nothing went wrong."

Arms Races: Penn State’s dueling quarterbacks are right back where they started from - Dr. Saturday

Make no mistake: Bolden struggled dramatically over the first half of his freshman season and spent the second half on the bench. With the growing pains behind him and a new outlook, though, he gives PSU the best chance to exploit the disarray at Ohio State in pursuit of the first Leaders Division title. And at the very least, he keeps the offense from being permanently tethered to the uninspiring McGloin, or from enduring another round of growing pains under Jones.

Ten must-see games in the 2011 Big Ten season

If Penn State can take care of the ball, keep Trent Richardson from getting loose and force Alabama's young QB — whomever it ends up being — to throw when he has to, not when he wants to, this should be another low-scoring game but one that could be decided in the fourth quarter.

and etc.

Video: Alabama's Mark Barron - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

TRips: Thursday

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