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UPDATE: Duron Carter Has Arrived, Will Not Enroll Till Fall


The final newcomer to the 2011 squad, former Ohio State wide receiver Duron Carter has finally arrived in Tuscaloosa. His transfer from Coffeyville Community College in Kansas had been held up but the UA Admissions office was expected to resolve the issue so he could start classes in Tuscaloosa this week.

We are still waiting on official word of his admission but, for now, knowing he's in town and churning out positive tweets is good news. Christopher Walsh reports that Carter has an appointment with the UA compliance department later today. 

The bulk to this year's singing class enrolled last January. Carter was the final player awaiting word of admission after yesterday's news Brent Calloway would have to postpone this enrollment till August. Earlier this week Carter, along with Alabama seniors Darius Hanks and Marquis Maze, were named on the 2011 Biletnikoff Award watch list.


BamaOnLine's Chris Walsh is reporting that Carter will not be able to take summer classes but has signed his scholarship and will enroll in the fall.