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Poll: Where Would You Want Alabama in an Expanded SEC?

Will Bryant-Denny Stadium be in the west or the east of an expanded SEC?
Will Bryant-Denny Stadium be in the west or the east of an expanded SEC?

The college football world is all abuzz again with talk of Texas A&M joining the SEC. The talk is getting serious enough apparently to where even Texas governor Rick Perry (a Texas A&M alumnus) is openly talking about the possibility of a switch in the near future. If this comes to fruition, it will obviously turn the college football world on its ear. It'll mean the SEC is the biggest conference in the nation and could spell an end to the Big 12 (maybe it'll at least force their hand in changing the name if they're down to 8 or 9 teams.) While I'm concerned about the big picture for all of college football, I'm also rather concerned about where Alabama will end up in an expanded SEC.

You've got to imagine that A&M won't come into the conference alone. A 13 team conference is messy and bizarre to say the least. They'll likely enter the conference with another western team like Missouri or Oklahoma State or the SEC will raid the ACC or Big East for a team like FSU, Clemson or Louisville.

If two western teams enter the fold and the league more or less retains its current structure, all bets are on Alabama and or Auburn shifting to the Eastern Division. All of the discussion mentions this very nonchalantly, but think about what it could mean for Alabama. It could mean the end of annual games against LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Personally, I wouldn't really miss the Ole Miss game but the other three I'd absolutely miss (that's not entirely true, I'd miss our annual conference trap game...kind of.) We've played Mississippi State more than any other school and I'd hate to see that go. Our games with Arkansas and LSU are often hard fought instant classics and I'd hate to go to playing them sporadically instead of annually. Sure, we'd get to play Florida and Georgia annually, but we'd also pick up Vanderbilt, Kentucky and South Carolina and that just doesn't excite me. Vanderbilt and Kentucky would be pretty much automatic wins and who knows how long South Carolina will maintain its current momentum. This could massively alter our history and rivalries. I'm sure the SEC would do all they could to maintain and preserve them, but as they say, you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. The addition of two western teams means that Alabama and or Auburn are likely to be more impacted than any other current SEC members. Of course, we could pick up an eastern team and things will virtually stay the same.

The question I pose to you all this morning is where would you want to see Alabama in an expanded SEC? In the West like we are or does a move to the east with annual games against Florida and Georgia excite you? Or do you vote we blow the whole thing up and massively restructure it if it ushers in the era of the superconference? Discuss and vote below