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Trevor Lacey cleared by NCAA (UPDATE: or maybe not?)

UPDATE (11:25pm CST): UA has released a statement to the media stating that reports of Lacey being cleared by the NCAA are premature. Now, this does not necessarily mean that he won't be cleared eventually, it simply means that UA has not yet received the official word from the NCAA.

In another interesting twist, several fans pointed out this morning that Lacey's name appeared on the official roster along with the other five signees, but late Friday night all six newcomers were removed, leaving only the 6 returning players. Stay tuned folks....

ORIGINAL REPORT (6:33pm CST): We've been expecting this news for some time, but nevertheless it's more than reassuring to know that the crown jewel of Bama's top-5 rated recruiting class will be eligible to suit up this season after all the rumors that have been flying around for over a year now.


With this news, all 6 of the Tide's signees are now set to enroll and compete this season.

As we mentioned in a previous basketball update, freshman guard Levi Randolph, freshman wing Rodney Cooper, JuCo transfer center Moussa Gueye and freshman forward Nick Jacobs--all 4-star recruits--are already on campus and have been enrolled in summer courses. Freshman point guard Retin Ojomoh will be arriving on campus in just a few days, according to his personal Twitter account

Signing a top-5 recruiting class is one thing, but having them all cleared is another entirely. However, that is precisely what Anthony Grant is getting with the class of 2011. These 6 signees will comprise a full 50% of the 12-man scholarshipped roster this season, so collectively they will play a huge role in shaping our fortunes this season.

To whet your appetite for Lacey's arrival, we'll leave you with the requisite highlight video...