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The Jumbo Package | 8.16.11

Multi-QB system could be popular in SEC - SEC Blog - ESPN

So, with two quarterbacks neck-and-neck in one of the nation’s biggest quarterback battles, Saban says he will not hesitate to play both in games. "We want to continue to bring both guys along as best we can, and I think it’s only fair that both guys have an opportunity to play in games before any kind of decision gets made about who’s the best player," Saban said. "Maybe, even, there isn’t a best player. There’s just two really good players."

DeAndrew White could be next go-to wide receiver at Alabama |

Hearing Saban describe perhaps his next go-to receiver at Alabama makes it clear that White possess some special talent. "It's a real good indicator when his name keeps coming up that he's progressing very well," Saban said. "He's done a good job out there. He's working hard. He's got really good speed and he's explosive." - Notebook: Off day helps Tide

The Crimson Tide enjoyed its first day off Sunday since fall camp opened on August 5, and the break was a welcome one. "It helped me a lot. I got to rest my legs and get my feet back under me," said wide receiver Marquise Maze. "I think it helped other guys, too. I noticed guys were still at the same pace from Saturday."

NCAA Football Preview - Alabama Crimson Tide -

"We're more concerned about the standard of excellence we can play to and the competitive spirit we have on our team to dominate the competition that we play, to work hard, to give the effort and play with the toughness and intensity that other teams can't match," says the coach.

SEC Forecast: Alabama leaves them all shooting blanks - Dr. Saturday

At some point, Alabama will go a full month without allowing a touchdown by an opposing offense. At one point in the Crimson Tide's BCS title run in 2009, the top-ranked defense held Ole Miss, South Carolina and Tennessee out of the end zone for 11 consecutive quarter in October — a three-week stretch in which the 'Bama offense only hit paydirt twice itself despite featuring the eventual Heisman Trophy winner. With ten returning starters and at least four potential first-rounders, the 2011 defense should be at least as nasty as the '09 edition, and may need to be.

Jets' QB McElroy takes licks in pro debut -

There were times last night when you wondered whether Jets rookie quarterback Greg McElroy would be able to walk out of Reliant Stadium after his first game as a pro. McElroy, who was sacked five times, looked shaky when he first entered the game. McElroy ended up playing three quarters, though, and threw a staggering 39 passes, completing 23 of them for 208 yards with a touchdown. "It looked like for a minute to me that we were trying to find out how tough that kid was and I think we found out," coach Rex Ryan said.

Messy Big 12 divorce appears inevitable for Texas A&M - Andy Staples -

Shortly after the postponement of the hearing, Texas A&M's Board of Regents empowered Loftin to make a decision regarding the Aggies' conference affiliation. Though Loftin, a mustachioed, bow-tied academic who looks like the president of Central Casting U, would later hint at the possibility of remaining in the Big 12, the second sentence of his press conference spoke volumes. "It's not what's wrong with the Big 12," Loftin said. "It's what's right with Texas A&M and where we want to go in time." Yes, you read that correctly. The president of a major university dropped an "It's not you, it's me" on the head of a BCS automatic-qualifying conference. Loftin went on to reveal that he had contacted SEC commissioner Mike Slive on the afternoon of July 21, shortly after a meeting of the Board of Regents to discuss the long-term ramifications of The Longhorn Network, the soon-to-be-launched cable channel that is a partnership between the University of Texas and ESPN.

College sports homogenization is bringing down the country - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN

I knew this would happen years ago. It was sportswriting that alerted me to the perils awaiting our country. After just a few road trips I understood that each town, each city, each region would become indistinguishable. There was a JW Marriott, a "gourmet" coffee house, a Barnes and Noble, and a restored industrial area which the concierge assured you was "like the Village" (even though ‘The Village’ hasn’t been ‘The Village’ for 30 years). That’s right. Eventually, there will be only three conferences. You know them as the Pac-12, the SEC and the Big Ten. May I suggest new names? How about Sizzler, Applebee’s and the Olive Garden?

What a 13-Team SEC Schedule Might Look Like - Team Speed Kills

Something most rumors coming out of Texas A&M territory say is that the SEC would be willing to take the Aggies for the 2012 season without a partner. That would require one year with a 13-team schedule before taking on a 14th team for the 2013 season. Whether that is true or not, I have no idea. What I do have an idea of is how that one year of 13 teams might work. To understand the problems associated with a 13-team football conference, just look at the MAC. It has had 13 teams for a while, but the scheduling is unwieldy. In the MAC East, the division with seven teams, each year four teams play only five division games. That means they miss out on having a complete divisional round robin.

Caps leave a big impression - MidlandsPreps -

It was the play of Columbia’s Casey Gladney that stole the show. The Alabama-bound senior had eight receptions for 174 yards and touchdowns of 24 and 56 yards as the Capitals defeated C.A. Johnson 22-2 in the opening two 10-minute quarters. "He’s everything they advertised," said C.A. Johnson coach Jerry Jackson of Gladney. "He’s a special player, and when they have everybody dressed out, that’s going to be a formidable team to deal with."

and etc.

Video: Checking in with Tide LB Nico Johnson |

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Alabama left tackles practicing August 15, 2011 - YouTube

Carson Tinker, Alabmaa punters at practice - YouTube

Jesse Williams, Quinton Dial at 2011 Alabama football practice - YouTube