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POLL: Who Do You Think the 14th Team Will Be?

Last week, when we asked y'all what division you would want Alabama in in an expanded SEC, there was no shortage of discussion (over 450 comments and over 1600 votes.) Clearly you people have strong opinions about this subject. Expansion looks like it's on the way whether we want it or not and despite the SEC taking no official public action towards inviting Texas A&M into the conference, it is still believed by many that the Aggies will make their way into the conference at some point. Whether the conference expands to 14 or 16 remains to be seen, but we know it will be at least 14 teams. Assuming Texas A&M is headed to the SEC, who do you think the 14th team will be? For the purposes of this poll we're interested in who you think it will be, not who you want it to be. Vote and discuss below.