The Greatest Guitar Solo in American Music

Every so often here at Roll Bama Roll we go of on a bit of a tangent for the enjoyment of our readers. Usually that involves one of our favorite diversions such as food, books or music. It'll be the last that holds our attention today. 

I personally believe that Richard Lloyd is one of the most underrated yet pivotal guitarists that America ever produced. A member of New York's seminal band Television, Lloyd regularly worked with other fantastic axemen from that scene such as the late-but-insanely-great Bob Quine. After Television disbanded in 1978 Lloyd produced a series of solo albums that allowed him to completely unfetter his formidable artistic muse and give voice to his many personal demons.

Furthermore is my avowed contention that his four-plus-minute-long solo from the title song of his criminally overlooked second solo album Field of Fire is the greatest face-melter ever laid down by an artist from these shores. When he gets to the end of the second two-and-a-half minute solo you have to wonder how he recorded the damn thing without his fingers falling off. It's all the more amazing since he wrote it in the key of D simply because "it was so damned hard to do."

So, I ask you, what song do you think boasts the best guitar solo by an American musician? 

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