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The RBR Preview Guide to the 2011 Season

In recent weeks the RBR junta has been busy at work behind-the-scenes planning editorial content for the upcoming season, and with kick-off against Kent State just days away, we wanted to give the readership a general idea of what to expect this year as the in-season routine. To that end, as much as possible this season, we're going to operate on the following editorial schedule throughout the game week:



Clearly real life will rudely intervene at various times throughout the season, but in general that is what you will see posted here on RBR. While breaking news items will be addressed accordingly, the aforementioned 26 pieces will be the bulk of the regular content here on the blog. The transition time will unofficially remain Wednesday morning, so expect game coverage from Saturday through Tuesday night, with attention turning to the next game the following Wednesday morning.

Many of these pieces will be instantly familiar to longtime RBR readers. The Jumbo Package, BlogPoll, Initial Impressions, Meltdown Time, and others have all been RBR staples for many years now, and those pieces will be substantively the same as they were in years past. However, some pieces are new and some old pieces have been revamped, so use the following as a bit of a guideline as for what to expect with the new and revamped pieces:

  • The RBR Radio Hour will transition to a pre-recorded podcast this season, and it will no longer be a live show. The Wednesday night time slot will remain the same, but in general we've decided to change the format this season, namely by pre-recording the show, sticking to a more definite script and eliminating the weekly guest segment. In addition, we will be uploading the Radio Hour each week to iTunes and other similar services, so be on the lookout for that. 
  • "Player of the Week" will be a weekly feature from Nico anointing and highlighting the key UA player from the previous weekend's action. 
  • "Play of the Week" will be the individual play analysis series that has routinely been a feature of Yea Alabama in past years, and it will be done on a weekly basis this season in large part due to Cliff's graphical assistance. Each week a key play from the previous weekend's game will be analyzed thoroughly.
  • "Post Game Guide" will detail all of the nightlife offerings for the weekend of the upcoming game, and hopefully this piece will be a staple of both home and away games. Check here for all bars, concerts, and other entertainment options.
  • The Kleph Post will be one of a few types of items we've come to associate with Cliff's work. An occasional RBR Reading Room, a historical piece or two and a look at the team's statistical progress at various points during the season. Think of it as the NBC Mystery Movie of RBR. 
  • Todd will have his Friday nonsense to appease the Football Gods, whether it be eating the unimaginable or embarrassing himself publicly or whatever else he can think of this season. However, my understanding as of this writing is that Todd hasn't made a definite choice yet for the Friday nonsense, so use this as an opportunity to pitch some ideas if you wish.

As you can see, we've got a busy line-up in the works for the next four months, and hopefully everyone will enjoy as the season progresses. If you have any other questions that haven't been addressed previously, feel to free to ask them in the comments section below.