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POLL: What's the Most You've Ever Paid for a Ticket to a Game?

Some friends and I were sitting around a few days ago discussing trying to obtain tickets to various games this fall. Naturally, demand for some games is greater than others based on the quality of the teams involved, the size of the stadium, the intensity of the rivalry, etc. The level of success in reaching our various goals has so far ranged from "got my tickets for only $30 more than face value," to "I haven't even found anybody selling tickets for it." This then lead to a discussion of games we'd attended in the past and how much we paid to see said games. Paying $500 to see us beat Texas in the BCSCG? Totally worth it (wish I had done it.) Paying $100 to see us get our brains beat out by Utah in the Sugar Bowl (ugghhh.) The most I've ever personally paid for a ticket was $100 to see the 2009 Iron Bowl. The "Cody 5" play happened right in front of my seat. I was mere rows away from Upchurch's reception and that's a memory I will carry with me and cherish forever. You just can't put a pricetag on that level of excitement. One of the guys suggested I do a poll about it given that it'd open up a whole host of memories for people. So, feel free to chime in below with how much you paid and what game it was. Oh yeah, I'm looking for a pair of tickets to the Florida game by the way.