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College Football Opening Night Open Thread

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After yet another long and grueling offseason, college football finally makes its glorious return tonight. To hell with the booster scandals, the pay-for-play innuendo, the message board rumors, the wannabe "reporters"; real football is officially back.

The season officially kicks off tonight at 6:00 Central with Murray State at Louisville. UNLV v. Wisconsin is slotted as the primetime match-up on ESPN at 7:00. Mississippi State travels north to take on Memphis on Fox Sports South at 7:00, and that will likely get most of the attention from 'Bama followers for obvious reasons. Finally, Kentucky will take on Western Kentucky in Nashville (no, that's not a typo) at 8:15 on ESPNU in the late game.

Chime in here with all of your thoughts and comments on tonight's action.