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What to Watch: Week 03 of the 2011 College Football Season

Make the world love you Coach Beckman.
Make the world love you Coach Beckman.

It's week three and Alabama is back to dining on cupcakes, which means the major excitement will be elsewhere. This week features 3 SEC conference games, a mid-major tussle and a battle of two traditional powerhouses. All times listed are central and all rankings are from USA Today poll.

LSU (3) at MISSISSIPPI STATE (25) - Thursday, September 15th at 7:00 p.m. - ESPN

It seems like Mississippi State appears in this feature on a weekly basis the first few weeks of every year. I guess it's the fact that they hop into conference play much quicker than others on a regular basis when everybody else is beating up on the sisters of the poor. Speaking of the sisters of the poor, that's what LSU is probably going to treat Dan Mullen & co. like tonight. The last time these two met on a Thursday night in Starkville LSU came out on top 45-0. I doubt the Bulldogs turn in as bad of a performance as that one, but I'm guessing it still ain't gonna be pretty. That being said, it's an SEC west battle not involving Ole Miss so it makes the list with ease.

BOISE STATE (4) at TOLEDO - Friday, September 16th at 7:00 p.m. - ESPN

I can already feel you people rolling your eyes at this one and I haven't even finished typing it up yet. I know everybody's tired of the Boise hype machine, but guess what? It's not going away until they lose. Normally I would not include the Broncos battling a MAC squad on a list of what to watch, but Toledo gave the (somewhat) mighty Buckeyes all they could handle at the 'Shoe. This of course means they'll probably lay an egg on national television at home against Boise, but hey, we can always hope. Go Rockets!

AUBURN (19) at CLEMSON - Saturday, September 17th at 11:00 a.m. - ABC

Do not attempt to adjust your television sets. There really will be that much vomit-looking apparel on display when Auburn visits Auburn With a Lake. What can you say about this match up? After rolling up a lot of points on Troy in their opener, Clemson struggled mightily against lowly Wofford in week two. Auburn on the other hand is the proverbial broken clock that is right twice a day. No matter how bad they look at times, they always seem to make the critical play, get every close and/or controversial call called their way and just generally fall bass ackwards into wins. I expect Auburn to win this one late on a field goal as time expires. The kick will be short, but will miraculously land on the back of a snow white dove that will carry it through the uprights. Bank on it.

TENNESSEE at FLORIDA (17) - Saturday, September 17th at 2:30 p.m. - CBS

Orange Vomit Bowl II of the week stops in Gainesville. At least the Gators will be mostly wearing blue. So far, Florida has taken beating up on hapless football teams to a new level in that they've played pounded Florida Atlantic and UAB. Tennessee has beaten Montana and Cincinnati. I thought Cincinnati would've put up more of a fight, but the Vols handled them with relative ease. At the very least, I imagine Tennessee will provide more of a challenge to the Gators than those other two combined. As much as I loathe Tennessee, I'm hoping they somehow pull this one out so ticket prices for the Bama game in Gainesville fall like a rock. C'mon Dooley!

OKLAHOMA (1) at FLORIDA STATE (5) - Saturday, September 17th at 7:00 p.m. - ABC

This is one of the early season matchups that has been circled on calendars for a long time and unfortunately it kicks off 30 minutes after our beloved Crimson Tide get things going against North Texas. Anyway, Stoops & co. took last week off after disposing of Tulsa on opening weekend. Florida State played Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern in the first two weeks and beat them by a combined score of 96-10. Needless to say, neither team has exactly been challenged thus far. This one will certainly have a hand in shaping the national conversation and Florida State will certainly be out for revenge after the Sooners embarrassed them in Norman last year by a score of 47-17.