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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread | Week Three

If it's Friday, then that means it's time once again to fall on our faces before the Football Gods and beg for their blessing over our beloved Crimson Tide. Let loose in the comments below with your embarrassing admissions, horrifying culinary adventures, or whatever other good luck ritual that you regularly practice in the hopes of helping the team on Saturday.

As for the sweetheart, even though Ms. Vandervoort is looking like a solid choice to carry us the rest of the way, we're going to continue to develop Camilla Belle as the season wears on.


And since the Football Gods were gracious enough to bless us with another victory, I sacrifice my hearing and dignity once again by downloading track #2 from Nickelback's "All the Right Reasons."  Aural horror after the jump.

Special bonus horror: Chad Kroeger singing the line "It's just a little hard to leave/When you're going down on me."