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The Jumbo Package | 9.16.11

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Jesse Williams: from Australia to Alabama, from bulla-bulla to bully, bully |

"Jesse's probably made the most significant improvement from spring practice until now as probably just about any player on our team," Saban said last week. "He has ability, he has great size, he has good initial quickness, he can run. "The technical aspects of playing football, the instinctive reactions that you use, how to use your hands, how to pass rush, those kind of things were things that he was a little behind on. But he's a bright guy, he learns really well, he works hard, he wants to be good, he's got a great attitude, so he has made tremendous progress in becoming a good player for us."

Nick Saban previews North Texas at No. 2 Alabama during his weekly radio show |

Saban asked fans if they prefer home-at-home such as the Penn State series the past two years, or the neutral site games such as next year's game against Michigan in Dallas. The fans cheered louder for the neutral site games. Saban said those games are better for recruiting. He also said it's better for a business standpoint in terms of making money for the program.

Crimson Tide Wraps Up Preparations for North Texas -

"We have stayed pretty focused this week and worked hard to prepare for North Texas," junior defensive lineman Jesse Williams said. "We are all trying to stay fundamentally sound and do our job to help the team win. We are all trying to get better and more physical up front."

SEC Football by the Numbers: Week 3 -- Clemson's No. 1 omen |

7 Consecutive games in which Alabama has not allowed a TD in the first quarter. The most recent opponent to reach the end zone in the first quarter against the Crimson Tide was Tennessee last season. Bama Emphasizes Making Corrections

What we’ve tried to emphasize this week is getting better as a team," Saban said. "Sort of eliminating some of the issues and problems and things that definitely need correcting. "I think the players have worked hard this week to try to do that. As coaches we’re never satisfied with what we get out of players. It’s been a little hot the last two days. They’ve been trying to push through it, trying to get it right. "But I think the most important thing is you want to create good habits in the way you practice and have the mental toughness to know that you need to persevere in practice, develop good habits, do things the right way.

SEC West: Questions Worth Asking | Saturday Down South

Does Alabama really scare teams? When I look at Alabama right now, the offense is not that overpowering. AJ McCarron doesn’t scare me at quarterback, and the running game has yet to really get cranking behind this really hyped offensive line. Sure, the defense is stellar, but in a low-scoring SEC game, anyone can win if a play or two goes their way. Alabama will likely play a majority of its games close this season if the running game does not really get cranked up.

North Texas RB suffers preseason concussion, getting there | The Daily Bama Blog

In losses to Florida International and Houston, the senior has just 105 yards on 36 carries. "He’s not even close yet to what I think he can become. … He didn’t scrimmage at all and missed a lot of practices," McCarney said. "So he’s just getting into game shape now. When you miss significant practice time, scrimmage time, playing time during August, you’re not just going to jump out there and start dominating everybody." Dunbar entered the season second in program history with 3,900 all-purpose yards and 37 career touchdowns. His 1,553 rushing yards a year ago made him only the second North Texas player to log back-to-back 1,000 yards seasons.

LSU buries another offense, and begins to discover one of its very own - Dr. Saturday

If Alabama's defense is a boa constrictor, slowly sucking the life out of opposing offenses, LSU's is more like a goon that throws the offense into a burlap sack and starts beating it with a stick. It is not a subtle business. But it is very, very effective.

Texas drove everyone away, now begging for ACC acceptance - NCAA Football - Sporting News

Nebraska saw it first in the summer of 2010, and left for the Big Ten. Then again, Tom Osborne knew it all along. At some point, the Texas ego would black hole everyone. It was Osborne who was the lone public voice of displeasure back in the 1990s, when the Big Eight absorbed teams from the troubled Southwest Conference during the evolution of the Big 12—yet all the league power moved south. Even the league offices were moved from Kansas City to Dallas. "We were, in essence, saving them," Osborne told me earlier this summer. "That certainly was a thorn of sorts that never really went away."

Female Student Sets Sights On LSU Football Roster Position - WDSU New Orleans

A member of the LSU women's soccer team hopes to get serious consideration for a spot with the Tigers' powerful football program. [Mo] Isom -- who is six feet tall -- worked out with the football team on Monday, practicing kickoffs and field goals. Though she is a senior, she would have one year

College Football Hall of Fame flooded after water sprinkler fitting stolen - ESPN

Police are blaming the theft of a water sprinkler fitting for an estimated $100,000 in flooding damage to the basement of the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind. Police say about two inches of water covered the basement floor when workers arrived Monday. Hall director Lisa Klunder told the South Bend Tribune the flooding caused minor damage to some items in its collection. Police Capt. Phil Trent says the stolen brass fitting would yield about $5 if sold at a scrap-metal yard.

Troy University may start to sell beer at football games next fall |

Troy University officials say they may start allowing fans to buy beer inside Veteran's Memorial Stadium next fall. School officials tell WAKA-TV that they are looking for every opportunity to find new income in the rugged economy. They say that selling beer in the stadium could bring in significant revenue.

Penn State causes Prattville Christian Academy to change logo | The Montgomery Advertiser

Two weeks ago, [Prattville Christian Academy] officials received a letter from a law firm representing Penn State, asking the small private school to cease and desist using the logo, because it was "confusingly similar" to the one the Nittany Lions use.

and etc.

Alabama RBs balance drill - YouTube

Alabama's Australian Jesse Williams talks football - YouTube