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Week Three Open Thread

Football for breakfast this morning brings us plenty of amusement, even if not quality match-ups. Auburn faces off against Auburn with a lake on ABC, and Maryland looks to once again whore themselves out to their corporate masters in hopes of generating a tiny bit of publicity for their otherwise useless, hopeless football program. The Terrapins take on West Virginia -- whose coach, incidentally, may or may not incarcerated or otherwise hungover come kickoff -- at 11:00 on ESPNU for those looking for another apparel-related abomination.

In other action, Penn State takes on Temple, Georgia tries its hand against Coastal Carolina after South Carolina proved too much, and Kansas takes on Georgia Tech in the less-heralded Big XII v. ACC match-up of the day. Meanwhile, Ultimate Midget Fighting takes place in Nashville at 11:30 with Ole Miss taking on Vanderbilt with the key to the cellar of the SEC clearly on the line.

Will it be quality football? Almost assuredly not, but it's football nevertheless and you know you will be watching. Chime in here with all of your thoughts and comments on the action.

P.S. The RBR junta is aware that the Big East apparently died in its sleep in the middle of the night, and we'll have more on that accordingly in due time.