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BlogPoll Calling | Week Three Ballot



The top four remain static with OU, LSU, Alabama, and Stanford.  Of the three, OU obviously has the best win of the four (over Florida State) so they're staying at #1 until they lose (or at least almost lose to a horrible team).  LSU and Bama have solid wins over name teams in Oregon and Penn State, but so far are showing issues that need to be corrected if they're going to make it to New Orleans. Stanford has looked very impressive so far, but they don't have a marquee win to hang their hats on just yet.

5-10 is still muddled, but we should get some more clarity this weekend when Oklahoma State and Texas A&M face off.  Nebraska and Arkansas still don't have real "quality" wins, but Nebraska's win over Washington is still better than anything Arkansas has scheduled. They'll get another cupcake in Wyoming this weekend, while Arkansas will face their first real test against Alabama this weekend.  Finally, Boise is still hanging around after manhandling Toledo, but at this point they're pretty much top ten on rep alone.

11-15 is just as muddled. Still don't know what to make of Virginia Tech, but that's kind of how you have to look at the Hokies every year.  Both Oregon and Florida State have a loss, but even in defeat they looked reasonably impressive (especially FSU).  South Carolina "escaped" Navy, but considering how difficult it is to face that offense, especially when you don't have to face it regularly, struggling against them isn't a big knock. What's disappointing is that they weren't able to do more on offense against them and SC fans better be on their knees praying to the Football Gods night and day for protection of Marcus Lattimore.  Florida? They look exactly like the phenomenally talented team that's going through a coaching staff change that they are, alternately impressive and bumbling between drives. When they finally get it together they are going to be terrifying, but for now I can't justify bumping them any higher without having played a quality opponent (in your face UT!)

16-24 might as well be the island of misfit undefeated (plus TCU).  Clemson squeaks in despite a lackluster performance against Wofford, West Virginia is underperforming, South Florida looks good but haven't played anyone (take that ND!), Baylor is hanging its hat on a wild win over TCU, TCU is hanging its hat on being TCU, Michigan cause might as well, ditto for Texas and Illinois.

Mr. Irrelevant this week goes to the Golden Panthers of Florida International, who are surprisingly 3-0 to start the season with wins over Louisville (what?! They're an AQ team!) and a UCF team that has been about as solid of a mid-major outside of the traditional BCS busters as you can find over the past few seasons.

Finally, the dropped teams: Michigan State, you don't lose to that bad of a Notre Dame and still expect to be ranked. Ohio State, you got flat out manhandled by what looks like a typically mediocre Miami. Arizona State, you probably shouldn't have been ranked anyway. Ditto for Maryland. Ditto for Auburn.

I'm sure y'all all have an opinion on where I'm wrong and/or stupid, so fire away.