Bammer's Sacrifice To The Football Gods

So here's the back story. If you haven't done so yet, go read Queen of the Universe's post entitled "Seriously People" where she pleads with the RBR faithful to step up to the plate and take one for the team to gain favor with the football gods. I graciously accepted the challenge of taking on Kent St. Though this weekend is pretty much a guaranteed win there is still plenty to ask favor for.

#1 Injuries. We don't need them. We don't want them.

#2 QB battle- Lets hope after this game we have a strong #1 and this battle doesn't stretch too far into the regular season.

#3 Injuries. See #1 and double the plea for favor in this area.

Now, I offered to eat just about anything but it was pretty clear what would be asked of me...

Bammer, of course, will have to eat oatmeal.  

Some of you may ask, "Why oatmeal bammer? How is that a sacrifice?" Well by now you may know that I have a fitness website called DIY Fitness and I also lost a bunch of weight avoiding such foods like Oatmeal. Add to the mix that a while back I wrote an article describing the dangers of eating too much oatmeal.  I posted a link a bunch of times via Twitter and from there things kinda jumped up a notch..I mean it really escalated quickly..

So this is a double sacrfice. It goes against my belief that carbs early in the morning are a bad idea for those trying to lose weight and it furthers the notion that I indeed hate oatmeal and it causes cancer of the face. (not really of course). To make this even more of a sacrifice, I chose to eat a double serving and added absolutely no flavor i.e. sugar, cinnimon, honey. Just plain...nasty...oatmeal..

So hopefully this sacrifice will be good enough to gain favor with the football gods and get us through this warm up game with a dominating win, no injuries and an obvious #1 QB....ROLL TIDE!

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