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POLL: Auburn or Tennessee?

Conference realignment is the story that just won't die this season. If it all shakes out this year, people will probably remember this season more for what happened off the field than for what happened on the field. Yesterday, our own Matt Dover wrote about how Missouri being added to the SEC could possibly spell an end to the annual Alabama vs. Tennessee game. Though I personally believe something can and will be worked out for our rivalry games with Auburn and Tennessee to continue on an annual basis, these realignment moves, needless to say aren't all about Alabama and what we want. Something will likely have to end up on the chopping block and it could be a game that means the world to us. I agree with Matt though, if one has to go, the SEC will sacrifice the Third Saturday in October and not the Iron Bowl.

I know a lot of older fans appreciate the Tennessee rivalry more. I've heard my dad and other older relatives speak of a time when Auburn was "beyond insignificant" and for them, it's all about Tennessee. As Auburn's achieved success over the years, I know younger generations of fans loathe the Teagles more than the Viles (which is really saying something.) That being said, what I believe and I what I think will happen are inconsequential to the poll question we're asking today. The question is this. If SEC realignment meant we could only keep the Iron Bowl or the Third Saturday in October, which one would you save?