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Injury Update | Dee Hart and DeAndrew White Done For the Season

Bad news on the injury front for the Crimson Tide as Dee Hart and DeAndrew White will both have to sit the rest of the season thanks to knee injury.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Bad news on the injury front today, especially at running back. With Jalston Fowler and now Dee Hart out for the season we're suddenly very young at the position. Eddie Lacy looks back to (at least close to) 100%, but we're looking at leaning on two true freshmen behind him. Further, Hart's loss puts extra pressure on Christion Jones, who has struggled with ball security, at punt returner and I wouldn't be surprised to see someone else possibly getting a look there.

There's also the possibility of moving Blake Sims and/or Brent Calloway back to RB just to maintain numbers there. Calloway actually looked to be a part of the offense at H-back on Saturday, and Sims seems to have established himself as the "real" backup at QB - i.e. we're developing Ely and Morris as best we can, but if it came down to playing someone besides McCarron Sims would get the call - so moving them mid-season doesn't really seem like a good option.

For everyone crying about "what's Alabama gonna do with all those running backs?!?!" after Derrick Henry announced Friday, this is a good indication of a) why you want to stockpile positions with as much talent as possible and b) why elite players don't look at depth when considering their options.

Further, DeAndrew White is a loss that shouldn't be sneezed at, though the depth at wide receiver is better than in the backfield, but again this is a young group that lost experience when White went down. He practically disappeared from the radar during the spring and fall, with Christion Jones and Amari Cooper being the big names coming out of camp, but he's been a reliably consistent contributor that couldn't be ignored by opposing defense. Here's hoping we can stay healthy through the rest of the season.