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It's Meltdown Time! | Week Five

This week's revel in the misery of rival fanbases includes meltdowns from Ole Miss, Arkansas,Tennessee, Oklahoma State, and Michigan State.

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Special thanks this week to users J Tadpole, DennyChimes, Farking Bastage, sixfoot7, bham03uagrad, HuntsvegasRandya, liquidraine, and mms1986. Be sure to say thanks in the comments, Meltdown Time wouldn't happen without reader submissions.

This weekend didn't bring a lot of quality material, but Tennessee melted down like champions, so enjoy. Fair warning, what follows below is vulgar and in terrible taste, so if you are in any way offended by bad language, sexual innuendo, and just plain disgusting internet behavior, do not read any further. You were warned.

Ole Miss

I hope McCarron's UFC-like chest tattoo gets infected

We're going to sell out for the run. McCarron will have to beat us with his arm. <—-will probably beat us with his arm.

Millen just said that Bo Wallace was trying to do a Trent Richardson impression. Fuck you Matt Millen.


If I turn the game off now Ill be a happy man Until I wake up and realize we lost


It is very important to distinguish between which players are legit and which players are 2 legit 2 quit

Rooting for Bama takes as much character as drowning puppies. It is easy, requires no intellect, and reflects pure meanness.

They just referred to us as "feisty." Fuck these mother fuckers. This is football not the Boom Boom Room in Memphis.

We need to replace all SEC refs with MAC officials. I’m sick of the pro bama horseshit. That kick return had 2 holds and a block in the back. Refs just looked passed as they quietly muttered "Roll Tide"


This team will be the stuff of legends, it so bad, someone is going to start writing country western songs about them.

A&M looks like we did the past three years on offense....oh, the memories, but at least now we have integrity

We should just forfeit so nobody risks being injured.

Can we forfeit the rest of the year?

I don't think half our defensive players could crack the 2 deep at Van Buren high school.

I'm really starting to wonder if JLS isn't throwing games to pay off his debt.

when is our bye week? That will be our only week without a L

Please, just get on the bus at halftime and drive back to Fayetteville

SMILE. This is JLS football. SMILE and enjoy it. Just like that long aggie TD play.

Anyone hear that sucking sound?


Screw these faggots. I'm done. I could beat the crap out of 90% of the little fairies we have on defense.

RIP Arkansas Football, you are probably gone forever

Yes the inbred was going to go for it on 4th and 20 but punted instead on 4th and 3. If he's not fired tonight by 6:00pm, Long should be tarred and feathered by midnight.

Dear Lord,
Please just let it end.
Thank you and Amen.

If We Lose 4 IN A ROW Then John L. Smith Gets No Raise Next Season

We look like UNLV. These uniforms suck! Wish we played like them!

We have no balls. We should have balls. There is no excuse for not having balls. I don't know.

Thank God it's raining. Maybe that will slow them down.

The team should hold a blanket party on JLS...surely they can catch him napping in his office one day.

So apparently JLS has a degree in timeout usage from the Houston Nutt school of clock management.

We only have about 3 guys that could even start for ULM

Could we be the first preseason top 10-15 team not finish in the top 100?

New uniforms are great. They turn pink when wet

aTm sure looks like they're having fun beating up on the retarded kid in a wheel chair.

JLS is smiling because he betted 26 million against us.

Being an Arkansas fan this season is like skydiving with a faulty parachute. It started off different and fun, look how much fun this is! Then you pulled the cord and nothing happened. So now you're just in free fall, with a billion miles until you hit the ground, and all along there are flying tigers and chickens and dogs and agriculturalists and red algae in the air around you, laughing at you and your stupid rubber pig nose."

Whoever hires BP in the future needs to get him a blow-up blonde and a trike.

How come the big man on campus Wilson doesn’t call everyone a quitter in a game he loses? Terrible excuse for a leader.

Maybe if Smith wasn’t such a loser he’d get a girlfriend, buy a Harley, wreck it, lie about it, and get fired.

Will someone please tell JLS that we are not in ALABAMA and we will not get a FIRST ROUND DRAFT pick for coming in last place?

Offer Saban 5.8 and see what he does. His wife may want to get out of Shitabama. Stranger things…


We still haven't faced TJ Yeldon yet. /shudders

How does that happen with 7 guys in coverage? The tent…it is folding.

I remember us scoring 51 in Athens one time. that was fun

This has to go down as the best moral-victory in history.

Yaaaaaay. Let's break out the t-shirts "We try". Or "We didn't quit". That should be the new motto.

Keep drinkin the kool aid folks BC y'all all suck big fat donkey dick.

Think it's time as a fan base that we demand Sunseri's head on a stick.

Here is something to feel positive about…Next time we play UGA they’ll still have Richt and Co. while we will have upgraded from gutter trash.

When will the Vols be so bad that teams pay us to come play them?

Vols win over Georgia would have been huge for Dooley plus helped take national spotlight off "butt chuggin’" at UT. Oh well.

Ladies and gentlemen our football team is terrible. You can blame whoever the truth is we suck. But I still love the vols.

We had....John Chavis.

Lol, 7-5 isn't happing. 5-7 maybe.

I honestly think we will lose during our bye week.

Too many BIG PLAYS! (coach speak for getting your ass whooped)

NEGAVOL! Real men support this team even though they're worse than any of Fulmer's terrible teams.

At least Fulmer only got blown out by Florida and Bama. Dooley has made us the mexican cantina donkey show of the SEC.

The bad thing is it can get worse

Well after today we only have to sit through 7 more games of this.

This is the worst football team Tenn has ever put on the field. Yeah I said it...

I want a dam team with heart f losing I'm over it. Go listen to dam Elton john or something.

Oklahoma State

i'd give anything for osama bin laden to be back on this earth, and bill young be dead

we just got fucked by the refs

DeLoss Dodds ruled and the touchdown stands.

i'd trade defensive coordinators straight up with any team in the league, including kansas

What the shit? Now I can't take a piss without a Texas TD?

Gotta get replacement refs in here so we can blame whatever the call is on them.

That Texas loss must be like ALMOST getting laid and then having your Mom walk in on you.

Fuck you Texas. Thank you refs for robbing us a touchdown

Michigan State

MSU SUCKS DICK! Hopefully this gets them motivated.

Winners never cheat and cheaters never win, Urban.

Not going out spending money anymore this year to watch these guys. I can watch an "L" at home.

Herbstreit said Meyer would have OSU back where Tressel did. And he's right: CHEATING!

Cheater, liar, and if you have a felony you can play for me as long as I can win! Hope he has a heart attack and drops dead!

MSU AD, any chance I can get that $50 "donation" back? Clearly not seeing an "improved" football product.