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Open Call for Meltdowns | Week Nine

Teams lost, some in incredibly embarrassing fashion. Let's point and laugh!

A lot of fail in that picture...
A lot of fail in that picture...
Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Its that time again folks, time to scour the blog threads, message boards, facebooks, twitters, whatever you can to find the best of losing fanbases melting down in the face of their teams' struggles. This week there should be some gold from Mississippi State (we believe!), Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Oklahoma, and maybe even from Rutgers (undefeated until they ran into mighty Kent State) and Arkansas (hey, they had a two game winning streak going...). As always, copy and paste them and e-mail us at Be sure to include however you'd like to get credit (SBN username, twitter handle, real name, whatever).