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What to Watch: Week 06

A guide to the top 5 non-Alabama games of the week.

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

I imagine it's been quite a long time since there have been five games between Top 25 teams on the same day (including two games between Top 10 teams.) I suppose it works out well that this is our bye week in that we can watch a bunch of high quality match-ups (on paper anyway) without the stress of worrying about our own game. We do still suffer the problem of most of the good games coming on at basically the same time though. As usual, all times listed are central and rankings are from the AP until the BCS rankings come out.

#4 LSU at #10 FLORIDA - Saturday, October 6th - 2:30 p.m. - CBS

With Florida having had a couple of mediocre seasons recently, you'd think "this game is back" solely based on the reputations and the rankings, but I'm not so sure that's quite the case. We're still not sure what exactly Florida's accomplished yet with their best wins coming over Tennessee and Texas A&M, neither of which has beaten anyone of note. LSU's had struggles of their own and have dropped a few places in the ranking because of it. They struggled mightily with Auburn and gave up 22 points to Towson. They did absolutely dismantle current #23 Washington, but it's likely the Huskies are being overvalued after a surprise win over Stanford. If Florida somehow wins this game, it'll be a huge boost to their chances of winning the East.

#8 WEST VIRGINIA at #11 TEXAS - Saturday, October 6th - 6:00 p.m. - FOX

Given West Virginia's video game offense under Dana Holgorsen, it's almost like they were made to be in the Big XII. Both of these teams score a lot of points and they both give up a lot of points (though Texas did pitch a shutout against New Mexico.) This could very well be one of those "last possession wins" kind of games. That, or whichever team can force a few punts might win.

#5 GEORGIA at #6 SOUTH CAROLINA - Saturday, October 6th - 6:00 p.m. - ESPN

Speaking of games that'll be critical in shaping the outcome of the East. Generally speaking, this game is usually a pretty interesting one and it's often close too. The Gamecocks and Bulldogs usually square off the second week of the season, so it's a nice change of pace to see it in week 6 and still have both teams undefeated. It'll certainly heighten the tension in a game that's been crucial to both teams over the last few years.

#21 NEBRASKA at #12 OHIO STATE - Saturday, October 6th - 7:00 p.m. - ABC

It seems as if every Big 10 conference game is a trophy game (there are 16 I think.) I'd like to propose a new trophy for the Nebraska - Ohio State game: The Little Brown Defibrillator, at least while their current coaches roam the sideline. It's by no means a super significant game as Nebraska has already lost a game and tOSU is post-season banned, but hey, Top 25 match-ups are virtually auto-inclusions here.

#23 WASHINGTON at #2 OREGON - Saturday, October 6th - 9:30 p.m. - ESPN

I imagine Oregon will do to Washington what LSU did to them...or worse since it's in Eugene. Sarkissian has rescued Washington from being an FBS cellar dweller, but I seriously doubt they'll rise up for back to back upsets of Top 10 teams.