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BlogPoll Calling | Week Six Ballot

Some big shake ups in the rankings this week after a brutal Saturday for the top ten.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Thoughts, excuses, etc.:

Alabama and Oregon are safe at #1 and #2 until they legitimately get challenged, but West Virginia showed that they aren't just a flashy "throw the ball a billion times" a game sort of team against Texas. They've developed a running game and actually played a little defense, and in the Big 12 that may be enough to run the table. In other words, they are terrifying. For that same reason I wasn't all that hard on Texas, only dropping them three spots, but this is the second week they've been taken to the wire. They better start winning decisively or they'll keep falling in the rankings even if they don't lose.

South Carolina gets the edge over Florida for now, but I'm still holding that opening week crapfest against Vandy against them. That game aside, SC also looks like they've gotten their act together in every phase of the game and have a pretty good chance of making it to Atlanta as an unbeaten.

I wasn't as hard on LSU as I was on Georgia since LSU is still a pretty solid defensive team and still had a shot late against Florida, while Georgia was just plain blasted from the first snap on. The shoot outs with Missouri and Tennessee really said more about the Dawgs than most of us were aware of at the time, but after that pantsing yesterday UGA is back to being UGA; talented, capable of blowing out mediocre teams, but never quite able to get over the hump in the big games. With Florida being the only ranked team left on the schedule they'll have a good shot of another 10+ win season and we'll get to spend another year making fun Mark Richt jokes and listening to Georgia fans act like they matter. (#h8rade LOLLOOL!)

Notre Dame is in the top ten. :/

Oregon State is in the top ten, too, cause who else would be? Louisville? Mississippi State? I just don't want to live in that world.

Do I have to rank Florida State and Clemson? Does the ACC have to keep existing?

Finally, everyone else is just kinda there, and UAB won (even if it was over an FCS team) so they get a Mr. Irrelevant nod. Go Blazers!