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What to Watch: Week 10

We interrupt your regularly scheduled column for a bit of cheerleading.

Here's hoping we see a lot of celebrating in Baton Rouge.
Here's hoping we see a lot of celebrating in Baton Rouge.
Kevin C. Cox

Real talk y'all: I have no interest whatsoever in any other football games this week. It's like 2011 all over again, except LSU has a loss and the game is in Baton Rouge instead of Tuscaloosa. The stakes are still the same though: the winner of this game has a tight grip on the SEC-West. An Alabama win virtually clinches it (because we aren't dropping games to both TAMU and Auburn) and an LSU win would cement it for them unless they dropped a game to either Ole Miss, Arkansas or Mississippi State (and Alabama would have to win out.) The point is, both teams still control their own destiny in the SEC. Alabama, thankfully, still controls their own destiny nationally.

With LSU having a loss already, there won't be a mulligan for us this year if we lose. This is it. This is the biggest game of the season. You come to Alabama to play in games like this. For all of the talk about LSU wanting revenge for New Orleans, I hope our guys want revenge for last year's game in Tuscaloosa. Yeah, we won a national championship, but I'm still kind of pissed that we didn't get a matching SEC Championship and that they won in our house. To hell with their revenge I say, we still have a loss to avenge too. And to hell with "Death Valley at night" while we're at it. Sure, it's tough to win there, but it was our second home for three decades and there's no damn reason that it can't be again starting on November 3rd.

Is there interesting football on Saturday? Sure. Texas A&M at Mississippi Mississippi State could be fun, but it's a battle for third place in the division and doesn't really matter. Oregon at USC doesn't matter one damn bit if we do our job in Baton Rouge. Oklahoma State at Kansas State? We won't need an upset to get to Miami if we take care of our business. So yeah, I don't care about what there is to watch this week outside of our game. Maybe I'll care again next week, but week 10 has me laser focused. As always, hope for the best. Roll Tide.