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It's Meltdown Time | Week :((

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Mike Zarrilli

To protect the innocent, we won't be naming names this week, but thank you to everyone who submitted material. Now, onto a very sad edition of Meltdown Time, featuring our own fans after a crushing loss to Texas A&M. We've pointed and laughed at others all season, time to take a little of our own medicine. There is vulgarity and crude language of every manner ahead, so if you're easily offended do not proceed. You have been warned.

It's time for Kirby to go. In the two years we didn't have multiple first rounders on defense, we can't stop anyone and get gouged by the other team's QB. Get him out of here now, it's enough."

we now know what everyone else does...we've overrated and have been. Face it guys, we're a hurt Colt McCoy and down SEC year last year from having zero national titles in this era. We've been quite fortunate

how have we recruited about 100 DBs in the past year but all of them suck!!?!?!? Cut em all. Millner too since he decided to start playing like its 2010.

I really hate this team. AJ's stupid ass bow tie, TJ's fumble fucking fingers, our fat D-linemen who can't pressure. Bench em all

This was a stay of execution. I want no part of Oregon after this. We'd get embarrased and lose half of our recruits

I'm done with this team. Just done. We need to finally admit to ourselves that Saban is just not a good in game coach. He's just not. He can recruit and prepare, but once the game starts, we need someone else.

I am so upset that I am going to go eat my wife's leftover Chinese food because she's at work AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK

It's not Johnny Football. It's Johnny Jesus Allah Buddah Motherfuck God Damn this guy is good Football.

Manziel is crushing my hopes and raping my dreams for this season

I haven't seen this many people from Alabama so stunned since Tuesday night.

I am filled with confused, misguided rage right now. I love Johnny Manziel, and I've loved watching him play. But fuck him for embarrassing Alabama's defense. It's been a long time since they've looked this fucking stupid.

brb gonna hang myself seeya never

Gary Danielson is going to have to go to the Hospital for an erection lasting more than 4 hours.

I quit. Fuck you Kenny Bell.Goddammit there goes the 0 ints. AND ima go ahead and call the game for tamu

I'm feeling some existential horror right now, not gonna lie. I'm not used to this.

So it's our great Freshman that decides to play like a Freshman. Great...


Football is a silly sport anyway.

edit: FUCK

Time to take up smoking.

If this is a fraction of what would happen against Oregon, I don't want Alabama to go to the title game. Jesus Christ, Saban doesn't know what he's doing.

The level of fuck going on in my head is overwhelming. Saban got out-prepped this game.

Damn, that kid is slicker than astroglide.

I am now wondering if I have heart problems.

SO I guess Bama will not be taking their talent to South Beach.

where's that flag you cocksucking sons of bitches!?

Fuckity fuck mcfuckerton.....blowing our shots

Fuck it, roll tide anyways l. Just fuck auburn up and my year will be okay


Girlfriend broke up with me right before kickoff. Double Fuck My Life.

Between this and the election, it's the worst year for Alabama since 1865.

Is anyone else scared shitless that JFF is a freshman?

How the fuck are you so positive right now? I could blow up the world.

I don't want to live.

And what the hell A&M? First year in the SEC and you knock the SEC out of the championship?

fuck fuck fucking fuck shit fuck dammit all to hell

I can't wait to lose to Georgia!

You guys realize we just lost to a gay cow college, right? Holy hairy Halle Berry balls!

If this team had a scent, it would be the fresh aroma of Howard
Stern's butt-cheese

Seeing Sam Mendes totally butcher Skyfall on Friday, then A&M skullfuck 'Bama on Saturday was like being forced to watch my entire childhood get raped right in front of me. SHIT FUCK!

Someone needs to bitch slap the living shit out of Nick Saban right now. Like slap him so hard it forces out a turd.

I'll catch you guys later as I'm about to go on a seven state killing spree, starting with Texass.

This is worse than coming home to find the wife blowing our gay gardener.

Hell, catching my wife with the gardener would be prime time entertainment compared to this aids infested shit fest.

Last week they were comparing us to NFL teams... this week they'll be comparing us to deadly STDs. I'm talking hardcore STDs that Pam Anderson wouldn't **** with.