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It's Meltdown Time | Week LSU

This week's revel in the misery of others is all about LSU, cause even though other teams lost and their fans weren't happy, none of them came even remotely close to the level of comedy gold provided by the Bayou Bengals.

Matthew Stockman

Big thanks to J Tadpole, *name redacted* AKACJ, DennyChimes, Bamabww, Becca, MDB Tide Roll, RandomlyFiringNeurons, and otisnixon's party for their submissions. I know a lot of them didn't get used, but let's face it, the only ones anyone was going to be interested in were LSU anyway.

As always, do not read any further if you are easily offended. There is vulgarity of every stripe ahead (language, sexual innuendo, potty humor, etc.) so don't act like you weren't warned. With that said, I give you LSU...

I just got a text message that says 'Tonight you must have sex with your husband. But tape a picture of Yeldon onto his body, so that you may score for Yeldon as he has scored for you."

As long as Hill & Mettenberger manage to make it into the locker room without sexually assaulting anyone, we should be ok.

It will sound bitter bc it is. Its old hat & I’m sick & tired of it. If the staff won’t file a formal complaint to the NCAA ( or someone that can hold the SEC responsible ) about the refs in regards to Bama ( most importantly in regards to holding ), then we the fans should. I’m sick of it and its not only swaying the outcome of games, but its jeopardizing players’ safety.

F#*K ALA Damn bama I f,ing hate Alabama and the tide they rolled in on.

I'll sum up this game in one word: FUCK

my sphincter has gone through hell tonight

disclaimer: I do not actually know what happened.
Re-edit after seeing replay: BULLSHIT YOU FUCKING COCKBAGS

We crossed the 50, bitches!!!

JC Copeland, just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!

Goddamn this loss hurts. LSU fucking dominated the entire game, and it's coaching that cost them the game. That's fucking unacceptable. Les needs to seriously rethink his coaching philosophy.


I wish they'd at least show what Copeland did. :@ Stupid fuck. Edit: COPELAND YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.

Half of that is on Mettenberger? The ball hit both hands. Fuck your own face, Danielson.

On the bright side, we get to see AJ sharpie more breasts.

Fuck the refs. We're going in dry.

LSU 17 ALABAMA 14 3:23 4th qtrChavis please don't run prevent

Let's keep running 3rd and Chavis.

If the D don't finish it / Its an L.

you got to be fricking me...

LOL, we might lose this game

his isnt happening

wait yeah it is

they talking about FGs... alabama might get a fricking TD here damn it

holy shite.

3rd and Chavis on 1st down.


Turning AJ into freaking Tom Brady


This is exactly why you take a fricking field goal instead of going on 4th down

Chavis has gone Full Chavis


Bama just made that shit look easy. they just shit in miles mouth

Bama was clearly toying with them this whole game.

that screen call was Nick Saban telling Les Miles how much better he is at everything.

Does Nick Saban look at Les Miles with contempt because he's still cashing in on Saban's success at LSU? I know I would.

this is the wrost college football season EVER

I guess Les Miles really wants an SEC team in the championship game.

I cannot believe that just happened so fast. What a way to give a game away...seriously, that was pathetic Les.

LSU just straight up choked. CHOKED

Miles will always be Saban's bitch. This was the year to beat that bastad.

Less Miles

Get a good game from Zach fucking Mettenberger. Lose

Was Les trying to lose? absolutely vintage Miles.

Thanks Chavis and Miles for screwing your players out of a game!!

Mccarron is a bitch. That is all. Yea I mad

We dominated the stats, so we won, right?

wish fans would just storm the field an beat this piss out of the alabama !! players

They should storm field and beat Les!

les coached teams are the worst teams of all fucking time ALL FUCKING TIME


Let me just grab a knife and play Mozart on my wrist. Fuck this weekend.

And still have to face Alabama fans. Ugh. Annoying.

I'd much rather yell "Geaux Tigers" from the suburbs than "Roll Tide" from the trailer park.

Everybody always be dick riding when the home team wins but surely be fucking hating when they lose.

BAMA may have had the higher score and won the game, but if you take the time and actually review the game they did NOT beat us

At least we aren't inbred & we still have our teeth.

I'm happy we proved that Alabama isn't as good as they think they are

We showed the world that we are the most dominant team in college football. The Tide's luck gonna run out.

I'll say it one more time......fuck Bama.....I hope y'all bus crashes on the way home

All these "I still love my Tigers!" posts makes me want to kick someone....

I'm drunk I'll fight anyone from Bama right now. Probably kill

Highlight of tonight for me: every time Alabama's band finished a song (halftime) they got boo'ed instead of cheered for. So great.

Les Miles has worse decision making skills than my baby nephew.

Chain smoking till I die. Fuck Bama.

McCarron cried like a little bitch after the game even though he won. Wow. Another reason to hate the pussies from Bama.

At least I'm not going to my inbred family in Alabama.

At least Nick Saban's daughter is and will always be a slut.

I hope the devil pisses on Nick Saban's soul in Hell.

Saw that LSU O and that QB play? And we put WRs in the NFL. That other team can't say that!

At least I don't dick ride a school full of inbred hillbillies

Alabama is planning a "Les Miles" day. What a gift game

I still can't get over watching stupid ass Les Miles digging in his ear on TV and looking like a fool

Why are you so freaking stupid les miles I mean STUPID AND NICK SABAN YOU OLD AS HELL STOP coaching

BAMA fans came down the hallway in hotel at 3 am screaming how they beat our asses. No class

Mark Ingram on the sideline looking like a black refrigerator

Mark Ingram looks like he just got out of prison

fuck you ingram

Mark Ingram, you fucking suck


I want to cut him from my fantasy team ASAP.

Cut his arse tomorrow

I totally agree. Frick him and cut his ass. He can't run for a first down to save his life but he is out there for Bama. If you are a Saints fan and not an LSU fan then F U 2.

Ok here is the plan. When Nick Saban enters a nursing home I will sneak into his room and beat the monkey mess out of him. Dress him in a LSU snuggie. Hide his dentures. Leave a note saying "this is for all the misery you dealt LSU fans!" What a game.

Remember to set your clocks back an hour. LSU, you just set yours back to when you were leading Bama.

"We were going try to beat Alabama, but then we got high" -LSU

LSU will ask the NCAA that all future football games with Alabama end after 59 minutes.

If there were no LSU games, the average life span of the American male would be 114 years.

This RTR repetition is corny, silly, as bad as the gator "bite" and is grating to the human ear, Have you people in Bama opened any Sabin churches yet, as you seem to give the Lord a back seat to Sabin, a LSU hand me down.