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Poll: How Many Points Will Alabama Need to Score to Beat Texas A&M?

Texas A&M can put some serious points on the scoreboard. How many will Alabama need to score to better their new rivals?

We're going to need some more big drives AJ.
We're going to need some more big drives AJ.
Matthew Stockman

This week's poll question is essentially the same as last week's, it's just coming from a different perspective. We knew the Alabama offense would meet its greatest challenge of the year in the stout LSU defense and that ultimately came to pass. Alabama's 21 points in Death Valley were considerably lower than any other game this season. The 33 scored against Ole Miss were the next lowest. Congrats to the 48% of our readership that correctly guessed we'd need 15-21 points for a victory at LSU.

This week, we find ourselves facing a problem of a different nature: a team that can score a lot. The Aggies, led by quarterback Johnny Manziel, have the fourth highest scoring offense in the country and that'll be a heck of a test for our #1 ranked scoring defense. We're not going to shut this team out and will possibly need to score a healthy amount of points ourselves. The least amount of points the Aggies have scored have been 17 and 19 in their respective losses to Florida and LSU (both of which were very tight games.) They're averaging 44.7 per game and have absolutely shellacked their last two opponents on the road (Auburn and Mississippi State.) Their defense is giving up 21 points per game.

After a big, emotional win on the road against a major rival, we could have our work cut out for us this week (especially our defense.) How many points will Alabama need to score to beat Texas A&M?