RBR Has Turned Me Into A Crazy Peeing Fool

First of all the results of this game were no surprise to me. I thought Bama was a FG better than UGA and in the end I was correct. I felt UGA ahd improved and I was correct. I also Murray would have success against our just average secondary and that we would not be able to get to him enough to rattle him. I also felt we would have to win this game on offense and it was the offense that won the game. And I predicted UGA would score near 30 points and we would need to score at least 32 or 33 to beat them.

That being said I must confess that RBR has turned a normally sane person into a bit of a nut job. Many who read this will remember that I peed into my shirt when we down to LSU later and then we won. When we went down to aTm I just could not bring my self to do this. After all it is a very childish and ridiculous act and my wife was not happy after LSU.

Well tonight when UGA blocked the FG for a TD and we were down 21-10 I for some crazy reason excused myself from all our company , went to the bathroom, removed my shirt and peed in it again. When I returned everyone wanted to know why I was wearing a new shirt. I had to lie something about being hot.

How in the world we came back and how in the world we won is just pure craziness to begin with. But, do this in your shirt once and you are kinda quirky, do it twice and you are borderline lunatic. The only way i was able to deflect from what I had done was take everyone at my house to Outback to celebrate the victory, At least my wife did get distracted by this.

I can only hope that we control the game against ND and then when this crazy season ends and we are NC once again all this will also end. It really has to end with this season regardless of what happens in the ND game.

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