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RBR Poll: How Many National Championships Do You Remember?

Over a month after winning the national championship, I've got to admit, it's still something that crosses my mind on a daily basis. I've watched the replay five or six times and it's still a constant talking point among friends. I ran into two friends last night (one Alabama fan and one LSU fan) that I haven't seen since before January 9th and the game accounted for about 75% of the conversation. In one recent discussion of the game, it occurred to me that my dad has experienced nine national championship as an adult. Anybody reading this site would certainly have a minimum memory of two (though I suppose there could be new fans that didn't really care in 2009), quite a few will remember three and a lot of you will have memories of four or more. I thought it'd be interesting to see how many national championships you all actually remember us winning when it happened. Feel free to chime in with your favorite one of the bunch below.