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Tide looking at likely 9 seed ahead of Selection Sunday

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We're now only one day away from Selection Sunday, and the Tide is considered a lock by virtually every bracket expert out there. This has been probably the most roller coaster season in memory for this program, but Alabama fans should take a moment today or tomorrow if they haven't already and let this sink in: the Alabama Crimson Tide will be back in March Madness next week, and regardless of where we're seeded that's a real, real good feeling. Roll Tide to that.

Below we'll take a very brief look at where Bama stands today according to the experts, and tomorrow morning we'll have a full-blown analysis as well as an examination of potential opponents the Tide could face.

Latest RPI rankings

Latest bracket projections

We've been following these three bracketologists all season, and for the first time ever, they're all in agreement: Alabama stands at a 9 seed right now. That is unlikely to change much between now and tomorrow because there simply aren't many teams around Alabama still playing this weekend. Again, we'll have full-blown coverage ready to go tomorrow morning. Selection Sunday is now mere hours away. Roll Tide.