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Tuscaloosa Get Up!

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Last week our good friends over at Well That's Cool pulled off the social event of the season with the Tuscaloosa Get Up! concert over at the Bama Theater. The Alabama Shakes, the Dexateens and Lee Bains III & Glory Fires rocked the roof off of the packed T-town landmark Friday night and, in the process, ensured one would be over the heads of a local family.

"The bands sounded simply fantastic," said WTC's Bo Hicks (who can be seen wailing with abandon on the bongos in above video). "They really owned it that night. Which was part of the whole feeling of the event and what it was for."

Tuscaloosa Get Up! netted approximately $20,000 that will go toward building a new house for John and Pam Nero, whose original home was completely destroyed by the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa last year. The construction is already underway by Tuscaloosa's Habitat for Humanity and WTC's financial contribution is being matched by Nick's Kids and First Presbyterian Church.

All of the 1,200 tickets sold out a few weeks ago but that was only part of the fundraising effort. Good People Brewing pitched in the beer and bar sales went to the cause. A silent auction also brought in the bucks; a Scott Cochran signed dumbell and Nick Saban signed box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookes sold at $100 apiece. There were tons more businesses and individuals gave their time and energy to make this event a success and we at Roll Bama Roll want to extend our most sincere appreciation to them all.

So what's next? Nothing definite but a few irons are in the fire. Hicks says Well That's Cool will be looking for an investment in "sweat equity" over the summer so if you have some free time to donate please consider helping out with the building efforts first hand. A follow-up concert in the fall isn't out of the question either. For right now though, if you want to help out you can still give to the fundraising effort. Just because the concert is over, doesn't mean the need for help is done with as well.

If you missed the concert we've got a little roundup of coverage to give you a feel of what transpired.The WTC crew have a post up featuring the pre-event party and one focusing on the bands themselves. The photos were taken by David Smith who was on hand with his trusty camera documenting the event. You can find many more photos at his website here (behind the scenes) and here (the Get Up performances). Ben Flannigan of was all over the story with coverage of the event as well as great Q&A's with WTC's Hicks as well as The Alabama Shakes, The Dexateens and Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires that are well worth the read.

And, after the jump, you can get a heaping helping of the music itself as uploaded by various folks onto the interwebs. Enjoy!

The Alabama Shakes

The Dexateens

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Pre-Concert Acoustic Set