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The Return of the RBR Reading Room

HOORAY! It's <a href="" target="new">Fort Zinderneuf</a>! We're saved! ...oh crap.
HOORAY! It's Fort Zinderneuf! We're saved! ...oh crap.

With the completion of the A-Day game we are now in the seemingly unending wasteland of the offseason. The brief oases of national signing day and Spring training are behind us now and there's nothing left before us except the sad farewell of the NFL Draft followed by four-and-a-half football-free months of suffering. If we are going to survive and make it to Arlington, we'll have to stick together and fight to the last man.

To help out we will have the third year of the RBR Reading Room for you each and every Tuesday over the entirety of the summer. As you have come to expect in off-season's past, this will feature reviews of Alabama football-related books. (If you need to catch up, the full index of books reviewed is available here.) This year I am also been periodically contributing to a Reading Room series at Football Study Hall looking at tomes covering the sport as a whole.

So saddle up and join us on this foray through the ordeal of the off-season, why don't you?