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RBR Poll: Road Game Edition

Alabama vs. Michigan in JerryWorld is one of many bright spots on Alabama's 2012 road schedule.
Alabama vs. Michigan in JerryWorld is one of many bright spots on Alabama's 2012 road schedule.

Now that spring practice is wrapped up, the only quasi-Alabama football related thing we have to look forward to before fall camp is the NFL draft. With that in mind, it's time for the fans to start daydreaming in earnest about the 2012 season. The home football schedule is less than stellar this year with only two games that really excite me (Auburn and Texas A&M.) The other five are Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Western Carolina. All five games away from Bryant-Denny though, are stellar games. If you've got money, time and ticket connections then 2012 is a good year to hit the road with the Tide. Our poll question for today is which of these games would you most want to go to?

MICHIGAN: Neutral site season-opener in Dallas against one of college football's biggest brand names in one of earth's most state of the art stadiums. Face value for tickets ranges from $125 to $285 despite it being a regular season game. Demand seems to be through the roof though and many season ticket holders that were able to get tickets to neutral site games against FSU, Virginia Tech and Clemson were left out in the cold on this one.

ARKANSAS: Normally a trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas would rank low on the totem pole, but Arkansas has been on the rise since the arrival of Bobby Petrino. Now that that ship's come crashing back down to earth I imagine a scenario where SEC rivals will all show up in Fayetteville with cardboard cutouts of motorcycles and blonde haired blow-up dolls to taunt the Razorback faithful on their former coach's departure.

MISSOURI: This is the first time Alabama is playing in Columbia with Missouri as a member of the SEC. I imagine people will want to go to that until they figure out just how damn far away Columbia is from Tuscaloosa (and you thought Arkansas was a long drive?)

TENNESSEE: Nobody actually enjoys visiting that garbage truck worker convention every other year, but who would really balk at the chance to see a nearly guaranteed win at Neyland in person and to extend our dominance/their misery for another 365 days?

LSU: Likely to be another epic showdown and the rematch of the rematch of the The Game of the Century. Baton Rouge is always a good time and this is always a fan favorite to travel to.