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The Sweetest Sixteen | The Elite Eight | Honey Badgered vs Trent Richardson Jukes The Entire Ole Miss Defense

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Obviously I am terrible at predicting how y'all will vote since the Jefferson to Mosely gif was a run away favorite yesterday, taking 73% of the vote over "Do the Saban." And I really thought this round was going to be competitive. Speaking of "thought they were going to be competitive," we've got the Honey Badger getting brutalized in the BCS Championship Game back up! Rather than try to embed five different clips, you can find them all in this highlight reel at the 3:00, 3:45, 4:05, 4:18, and 5:20 marks.

The challenger today is Trent Richardson making the Ole Miss defense look as bad as it actually was.

Voting ends at 8pm CST, so have at it.