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The Roll Bama Roll Sweetest Sixteen: Best Moments of the 2011 Season Bracket

Well folks, basketball is over officially, though I suspect most of you quit caring after a) Alabama exited the tournament and b) your bracket was completely destroyed shortly thereafter. But we at Roll Bama Roll want to extend the brackety fun for at least a few more weeks, and with our bracket we're all winners! So without further ado, I give you the "Best Moments of the 2011 Season Bracket!"

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This should be pretty self explanatory, but for any Tennessee fans that may have wandered over we'll match up the clips daily, let y'all vote on them that day, then move on to the next match up, and so forth, and so on until we crown Touch That Thang Fo' a winner.

And with that in mind, today's match up is Coutney Upshaw's eloquent acceptance of the BCS National Title Game Defensive MVP...

...versus Nick Saban's eloquent sideline advice to a still maturing A.J. McCarron in The Swamp.

Voting ends tomorrow morning at 6:00am CST.