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The Sweetest Sixteen: Iron Bowl Pick 6 vs Barron Destroys Rodgers

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As expected, Courtney Upshaw's eloquent acceptance of the BCS National Championship Defensive MVP award won quite handily yesterday, taking 69% of the vote over Saban's advice to A.J. McCarron. Today we have a couple of great defensive plays to choose from. First, Dee Milliner's interception return for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter of the Iron Bowl (and seriously, look at how the rest of the defense turns and blocks for him)...

...versus Mark Barron laying the wood to Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers (and then sitting on him, which I find horribly amusing).

Voting will end at some point tonight (surprise!) so I can put the post together with the actual vote tally without having to expend any extra effort in the morning.