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The Sweetest Sixteen : Iron Bowl Flea Flicker vs Menzie Pick 6

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Moving right along folks, with Dee Milliner's Iron Bowl pick 6 advancing with 70% of the vote. Full disclosure, I voted for Barron's hit on Jordan Rodgers 'cause I thought him turning around and "accidentally" sitting on him was hilarious, but in the grand scheme of things the pick 6 (and the hilarious 2 point conversion attempt that followed) definitely deserved it. So way to go to guys! Today we've got another Iron Bowl TD clip and another defensive score. First up, Jim McElwain trolls the crap out of Auburn by scoring with a high school offense trick play...

...while DeQuan Menzie's Pick 6 against Arkansas gave the Tide some breathing room before the half (Alabama only led 10-7 late into the 2nd quarter before finally finding it's offensive rhythm in the 3rd):

Voting is open 'til 9:00pm CST.