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The Sweetest Sixteen | Do the Saban vs The Smelley One Hander

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Marquis Maze ran away (ha!) with the voting over the weekend, taking 77% of the vote over the Fake Field Goal TD from the same game, and I definitely think we advanced the right play to the next round. Go back and watch it. You know you want to.

For today's match, we have Saban's "celebratory dance" after winning the BCS National Championship...

...versus Brad Smelley's one handed catch against Georgia Southern.

Admittedly, the Smelley catch is probably the weakest entrant in the whole contest and I briefly considered changing it over the weekend to Trent Richardson's TD run at the end of the BCS Championship Game, but elected to stay with it for three reasons:

1. While Richardson's TD put a nice cherry on the top, that game was over and the LSU defense was going through the motions by then.

2. Brad Smelley was one of the key cogs of the offense this season despite being pretty under the radar as far as the national awareness and I just like having him represented here so his efforts aren't entirely unnoticed.

3. I find the phrase "The Smelley One Hander" to be unspeakably hilarious.

Voting is open 'til 8pm CST, so have at it.