Who Has a Winning Record Against Alabama?

Roll 'Bama Roll:

The off-season is long, indeed. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and is more about mental toughness than physical conditioning.

As such, I present this offering to try to bring a little warmth into the otherwise Stygian abyss in which we find ourselves. We have seen here posted that Missouri will come into this coming season as the only team in the SEC with a winning record against Alabama. So, I decided to go a step further, and try to report here every team in America that has a winning record against the Crimson Tide. All stats taken from the College Football Data Warehouse.

Some of these names are the traditional powerhouses of college football, and some of them might surprise you. There were more than I had expected.

1. Birmingham AC (who?): (3-2)

The most recent game was a 30-0 Alabama victory in 1896.

2. Boston College: (3-1)

After beating them in the 1943 Orange Bowl (after the 1942 season), Alabama has dropped 3 straight to BC, most recently a 31-38 loss in Birmingham in 1984.

3. Camp Gordon (GA): (1-0)

Alabama lost 6-19 in Birmingham the one time we played in 1917.

4. Carlisle Indian School (PA): (1-0)

Alabama lost 3-20 in Birmingham the one time we played in 1914.

5. Central Florida: (1-0)

A lot of us will remember this one. Alabama lost 38-40 at home back in 2000.

6. Cumberland (TN): (1-0)

Cumberland beat Alabama 44-0 in Tuscaloosa in 1903.

7. Georgia Navy Pre-Flight: (1-0)

Alabama lost 19-35 in Birmingham in 1942.

8. Louisiana Tech: (3-2)

With the 1993 forfeit, and winning the old-fashioned way in 1997 (20-26) and 1999 (28-29), La Tech has a winning record against Alabama.

9. Louisiana Monroe: (1-0)

With Alabama's 2006 victory (41-7) vacated, UL-Monroe officially has a 1-0 lead over Alabama with their 2007 21-14 victory over the Tide.

10. Michigan: (2-1)

Alabama's 34-35 loss in the 2000 Orange Bowl gave Michigan a 2-1 advantage. The opportunity to correct that comes in September.

11. Minnesota: (1-0)

Our 16-20 loss in the 2004 Music City Bowl was the only time we've played.

12. Missouri: (2-1)

Alabama won the most recent contest 38-20 in Columbia in 1978, but Mizzou was the only team in America that beat the Tide in the 1975 season. Again, an opportunity to rectify this comes this year.

13. New Orleans AC (who?): (1-0)

The Fighting Whoevertheyweres beat Alabama in New Orleans 21-0 in 1899.

14. Northern Illinois: (1-0)

16-19 in Tuscaloosa in 2003. Most of the mid 90's to mid 00's were dark days, young'uns.

15. Notre Dame: (5-1)

These two last played in South Bend in 1987, a 37-6 ND victory. It's going to be a long time before we can wipe the Irish off this list.

16. Oklahoma: (2-1-1)

Alabama's only two losses in the series came during the modern Dark Ages, with the most recent loss being 13-20 in Tuscaloosa in 2003.

17. Oklahoma State: (1-0)

Interesting. The 2006 31-34 loss in the Independence Bowl was the only time we have played.

18. Rice: (3-0)

Coming during the previous Dark Ages (the 50's), Rice swept a three-game series from 1954-1956, with all three games in Texas (Dallas, Houston x2). The most recent game was 20-24.

19. Texas: (7-1-1)

I'm sure you all remember the most recent game.

20. TCU: (3-2)

Alabama dropped the first three in the 50's, but won the last two (1974 and 1975, both in B'ham) by a combined 86-3.

21. UCLA: (2-1)

Once again, the Dark Ages strike. The most recent game was a 20-17 UCLA victory in Tuscaloosa in 2001.

22. Utah: (1-0)

I'm sure everyone remembers the 2009 Sugar Bowl beatdown (17-31).

23. Villanova: (1-0)

Yes, I'm talking about football. Alabama dropped the only game the two played at home back in 1951, and it wasn't even close (18-41).

24. Wisconsin: (1-0)

The Badgers beat us 15-0 in Madison in 1928.

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