The North American Society for Sport History Convention

Coach Bryant addresses the Alabama squad during the 1967 spring practice.
At the far right is Dock Rone, the first black athlete to don a
Crimson Tide uniform as a football player.

Alrighty kids, I'm heading off this week to attend the annual convention of the North American Society for Sport History. Now I'm not crashing this shindig because I get my kicks from listening to academics drone on about esoteric subjects at length, I'm delivering one of the papers.

"Walk-On: The Forgotten Pioneers of the Integration of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Program" is a look at the five black athletes who tried to make the team in the 1967 Spring practice. I've been told I shouldn't wear my 2011 BCS National Championship shirt when I give the talk as it's seen as bad form. Party poopers.

Now since I am at this thing, I might as well check out the other offerings and digging through the program there are a number of talks I plan to peek in on and possibly post about down the road.

  • "Goofy – Animation’s Greatest Sportsman?"
  • "The Reporter-Athlete Relationship: From the ‘Golden Age of Sports’ to the Age of Twitter"
  • "The Truth About Historical Sport Films"
  • "The Right Man for the Job: Race, Manhood, and Oklahoma Football in the Mid-1960s"
  • "La Importancia Del Foot-Ball’: Rollins College, Cuba, and College Football"
  • "The Golden Years’ or Wide Right: Success or Failure for the Buffalo Bills in History and Memory"
  • "A Continuum of Violence: The Myth of Sex Trafficking During the Olympic Games"

And then there are these two. For the first one, I plan to be in the front row giggling like a schoolgirl and I will DEFINITELY be wearing my BCS National Champions shirt to the second.

  • "General Robert Neyland, a Football Slush Fund, and a Tennessee Cover-Up"
  • "The Impact of Huey P. Long on the Evolution of Tiger Stadium and Louisiana State University Football"

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