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The Geographic Reach of Alabama's 2013 Recruiting Class


Earlier this year, Roll Bama Roll took a look at the trend of out-of-state recruiting under Nick Saban and with 17 commitments in the Crimson Tide's 2013 recruiting class its a good time as any to revisit that. Here is a GoogleMap showing the hometowns of the current class of recruits:

View Alabama's 2013 Recruits in a larger map

As usual, the state of Alabama leads the way with a total of six players followed by Georgia with three. That's 35% and 18% of the total, respectively. A bit low from the four-year trend but, admittedly, drawn from an unnaturally small sample size. And it seems the mix of players from the region -- Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana -- and more distant locales -- Utah, Texas, Maryland and New Jersey -- is on par with Alabama's recent roster as well.