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The Jumbo Package | 6.12.12

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(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Crimson Tide's greatest year explained by faces and places, camaraderie and even cookies that feed a hunger to achieve |

Like never before, success has bred unprecedented success. A school that never had won more than one national championship in one academic year suddenly won four within five months. The men's golf team almost made it a Southeastern Conference-record five national championships, but it fell one hole short in the NCAA Championships match-play finals. "It's like the glory days here," said Jim Carabin, the general manager of Crimson Tide Sports Marketing. "It's nice to be part of the Golden Age."

'We Kicked Their Ass': An Interview With Barry Switzer -

Well, lemme ask you something. You say they want to avoid the LSU-Alabama situation, but I'm gonna tell you: Alabama deserved to be the national champion. When they played again, Alabama proved it. A lot of times, a team with one loss is better than some undefeated teams. I think what Bobby Bowden was talking about is as good as anything, bringing in a group of experts to do it. I think you need people that have coached the game, have spent 30 or 40 years in the game, and know the game to be a part of it. It's a difficult formula to work out, but we ought to look at every available opportunity to bring about the best format. Obviously, that's a difficult one to figure out right now. You brought something to light I hadn't even thought about: avoiding rematches. I don't even know how you keep from doing that -- because sometimes the best team doesn't always win.

Senior Bowl talking with NFL about allowing certain juniors to play in game |

"With redshirts and medical redshirts, that kind of blurs the line of who's a senior and who's not," Savage said Monday. "They're not a junior or a senior - they're graduated. "We're not interested in taking third-year juniors," he added. "We want to reward the players who have done well on the field and checked all the boxes off the field." Dont'a Hightower is a perfect example of the type of player Savage believes should be considered. Hightower was at Alabama for four years but had lost most of the 2009 season due to injury and received a medical redshirt. So while he graduated in December and declared for the draft in early January, he was a junior in terms of eligibility in 2011. "Nick Saban pleaded to get him in the Senior Bowl," said Savage, who also serves as an Alabama radio analyst, but it was not allowed because Hightower was not considered a senior. - Three-and-Out: Brandon Spikes, Patriots’ running game, plenty more in focus

You’re also not the only one who asked about Hightower in relation to Spikes, which I found interesting, but it’s too early to tell right now. Spikes looks like he should be a really good player, and if Hightower also performs up to his potential, it’d be in the Patriots’ best interest to keep Jerod Mayo, Spikes and Hightower on the field as much as possible. Hightower might be versatile enough to play on the strong side in the 4-3, on the edge in the 3-4 and alongside Mayo or in a three-point stance in nickel packages. If that comes to fruition, Hightower and Spikes should be able to play alongside one another for more than just the next two years.

Wake-up: Weeden says he will sign on time - AFC North Blog - ESPN

Richardson also said he's close to signing. "As far as the business side, I think it’s pretty much wrapped up," Richardson told 92.3 The Fan during the golf outing. "I think everything is pretty much done. There’s just some language in there that they have to get done."

Interesting Argument for the Browns Making the 2012 Playoffs - SB Nation Cleveland

One thing the Browns have that the Bengals don’t or didn’t is a running back like Trent Richardson. Richardson could come in and realistically be one of the top 10 backs in the NFL in 2012 as a rookie. He is that good.

What Mark Barron can expect to earn - NFC South Blog - ESPN

With all their other picks already signed, the Bucs still have $3.536 million left under this year’s rookie pool. Barron should get most or all of that. Under the new rules, each team also has a limit on what it can pay its rookies over the course of their entire contracts. Tampa Bay’s limit is $33.9 million. The Bucs have $14.812 million remaining, so I’d expect the total value of Barron’s deal to be close to that.

Alabama WR faces maze of obstacles - Financial and Business News - MENAFN

"Big plays. Key plays. That's what I've been known for," Maze said. "Just big plays and key plays in game situations." Maze will have to come up big in practice and scrimmage situations to make the Steelers. He is competing with Emmanuel Sanders and fellow rookie Chris Rainey to be a returner, and faces a slew of receivers fighting for jobs. "I'm not focusing on beating nobody out. I'm just focusing on myself and getting myself better," Maze said. "Really, my goal is just make the team right now. I don't know what my goals or what the plans of the coaches are, but I'm just working."

Will Derrick Henry Stick With Georgia Or Commit To Alabama? -

Alabama has two running back commitments for 2013, Tyren Jones and Altee Tenpenny, but that won’t affect Henry’s decision because he knows there’s going to be competition anywhere, and he will still have a role with the Tide if he goes there. "One thing you notice about Alabama is that everybody has a specific role," Ramsay said. "With Derrick, I think he’s a little different back than those other two as far as when you have a lead, he can be a kid that can close the game for you, shorten the game for you and still have the breakaway speed to get you another couple touchdowns."

Big East files $5 million lawsuit against TCU - NCAA Football -

The Big East sued TCU for failing to pay the conference $5 million after the school reneged on an agreement to become a member and chose to join the Big 12 instead. The Big East filed the lawsuit Monday in U.S. District Court in Washington. TCU agreed in November 2010 to join the Big East, beginning this July. The Big East contends TCU agreed to pay the league $5 million if it did not follow through on that agreement. In October 2011, TCU accepted an invite to the Big 12. In the lawsuit, the Big East says it has "made demand for the payment owed under the Agreement, but TCU has refused to make that payment or acknowledge its obligation to do so."