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What's Your Favorite Alabama Highlight?

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Hey y'all know what's fun? Watching highlights of your favorite plays in Alabama history, that's what! So when SBN said we could do a sponsored post about our favorite sports highlight I said "hey, why not? It's the offseason and we'd be doing that anyway!", so here we are again, forced to pick just one of any number of favorite memories. I've spoken at length before about how Thomas Rayam's block at Penn State is the defining moment of my Crimson Tide fandom, so I thought I'd pick a different one this time around and went with a different blocked field goal to preserve a win, Terrence Cody's block against Tennessee in 2009.

Obviously Cody was a folk hero in Alabama before he even set foot on campus, but nothing has cemented his place in the pantheon of Crimson Tide legends more than this. Though he's remembered for the final block that preserved the win, remember that he also blocked ANOTHER kick earlier in the game to keep us safe in a very low scoring game. For the math challenged among you, that's TWO blocked field goals in one game. TWO. AGAINST TENNESSEE. This man deserves your undying love and devotion for that alone, but add in the fact that those blocks kept the Tide's season flawless and on track for a national title and...well, let's just say should the good Lord ever bless me with a son his name will be Freebird Terrencecody Jones. I am only 73% joking about that.

And even beyond the Cody blocks, that clip is worth watching for several other reasons. First, Marcel Dareus dropping into coverage and running step for step with a tight end (1:30 mark). Marcel Dareus is a defensive end folks. They should not physically be able to play that kind of pass coverage down field, but there he was. If not for a perfect pass from Jonathan Crompton (how weird is it to type that?), he would have had an interception there.

Second, after the block while everyone else was running and celebrating Julio and McClain had the good sense to run down the ball and recover/down it. Our players is smrt, y'all.

Third, Cody throwing off his helmet and running towards the sideline. I don't care if you thought it should have been flagged or not, Gary, that is one very large, very happy man, and it still brings a smile to see such exuberant joy on the face of our players.

Now it's y'all's turn. Leave us some links in the comments and let's all waste the rest of the afternoon on YouTube, shall we?