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Which Pac-12 Team Would You Most Like Bama to Play?

Wouldn't you love seeing some crazy ass Oregon uniforms in Bryant-Denny Stadium?
Wouldn't you love seeing some crazy ass Oregon uniforms in Bryant-Denny Stadium?

Over the last few years, Alabama fans have been lucky to see the Crimson Tide square off against some of the bigger non-SEC names in college football during the regular season. The last five seasons have seen us play Florida State, Clemson and Virginia Tech in neutral site games and we had a home and home with Penn State. This year we play Michigan in Dallas and have games against Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Michigan State in the coming years.

We're 4-1 in these games so far and their high profile (along with Nick Saban's masterful coaching/recruiting) has helped Alabama tremendously by raising its profile back to one of college football's elite. There is, however, a danger that these types of games could disappear in the not too distant future. There are all sorts of rumblings about the SEC adopting a nine game conference schedule. On the one hand, that's great as it brings more meaningful games to everyone's schedules. On the other hand, it could mean the death of regularly scheduled marquee non-conference games.

That got me to thinking about which teams I'd really like to see Alabama play from around the country, so I figured we'd get poll happy over the next several days and ask you which team you'd most like to see Alabama play from the various conferences. I've always personally lamented how seldom we play against Pac-12 teams so I figured I'd get the ball rolling with them. It matters not whether you're advocating a one-time neutral site game or a home and home series. Chime in with your reasoning too. Other conferences will follow later this week