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POLL: Which Big East Team Would You Most Like Bama to Play?

We should've seized our chance to square off against the Wannstache.
We should've seized our chance to square off against the Wannstache.

As we're trying to kill off the last vestiges of the 2012 off-season, we're polling RBR readers about which team they'd most like to see Alabama play from each of the major conferences. We started things off with the Pac-12 yesterday and USC won by a mile with a whopping 74%. Oregon came in second with 15% with the rest of the league splitting the remaining 11%. The poll is somewhat skewed by the fact that I accidentally left off Utah. While I'm sure the Utes would've gotten quite a few votes from vengeance-minded Bama fans, I doubt they would've outdone USC or Oregon. USC's landslide victory seemed to be a combination of three factors: 1) tradition 2) the belief that they're the best team in the Pac-12 and 3) hatred of Lane Kiffin. Those all seem like incredibly valid reasons to me. Let's switch coasts for today's poll and see who you'd like to take on out of the Big East. And no, I'm not going to add "no one" as an option in the voting.

We have no real history to speak of with anybody in the Big East. USF is the last team from the Big East that we played, though they were in C-USA when that happened in 2003. That game, interestingly, was a landmark in two ways for Alabama football: 1) it was Mike Shula's first game as head coach and 2) it was Alabama's last game at Legion Field.

Alabama holds a 14-2 record against current members of the Big East (with five of those wins coming against Cincinnati.) The losses were to Louisville in the 1990 season Fiesta Bowl debacle (34-7) and to Syracuse in 1923. We've never played Connecticut or Pitt.