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POLL: Which Big XII Team Would You Most Like to See Bama Play?

You certainly weren't #1 on our watch.
You certainly weren't #1 on our watch.

Day three of the polling continues with the Big XII. USC won the Pac-12 voting by a mile and Pitt came out on top of yesterday's Big East voting with 38%. I can't really place why 38% of you voted for Pitt. Perhaps it's because we've never played them or perhaps it's because they've won the national championship most recently among current Big East members (1976.)

Regarding today's poll, here's a not-so-fun fact: Alabama is 7-13-2 against current members of the Big XII. That's mostly due to our dismal 1-7-1 record against Texas, but the rest of the picture isn't exactly glowing either:

1-2-1 against Oklahoma
2-3 against TCU
0-1 against Oklahoma State
1-0 against Iowa State
2-0 against Baylor

Our 13-10 Cotton Bowl victory over Texas Tech during the 2005 season has technically been vacated, but even with that factored in, we're still only 8-13-2. We've got more work to do against these folks than any other conference in terms of evening things up. We've never played Kansas, Kansas State or West Virginia (though we are slated to play West Virginia in 2014.)

Thankfully, we got on the board against Texas in the 2009 BCSCG when it mattered most, but I still hate us being below .500 against anyone even if we've only played a handful of times. With all of that in mind, chime in with who you'd like to see Alabama play from the Big XII and why.