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Which Big Ten Team Would You Most Like To See Bama Play?


Today sees us voting on the Big Ten, the last of the other five BCS conferences. Florida State picked up 50% of the vote yesterday to win the ACC poll. I figured they had a good shot to win, but I'm honestly a little stunned they picked up half the votes. Congratulations to Duke, the first team to get literally no votes.

Alabama has a 19-11 record against the current members of the Big Ten. Considering how many bowl tie-ins the two conferences have and the decade of games against Penn State, I'm surprised we've only met 30 times. Here are the individual records:

1-0 against Illinois
1-2 against Michigan*
1-0 against Michigan State
0-1 against Minnesota
3-2 against Nebraska
3-0 against Ohio State**
10-5 against Penn State
0-1 against Wisconsin

*soon to be 2-2
**let's all laugh at Ohio State

I didn't know we'd ever played Wisconsin and you probably didn't either since it happened in 1928. That Minnesota game was b.s. wasn't it? If instant replay existed, we would've won that game (that's one of only a handful of games I whine and complain about a bad call that happened and won't let it go.)

I'm surprised at the number of Big Ten teams we've never played: Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue. Not that any of those are terribly sexy choices, but Iowa could be fun. Vote, chime in with your reasoning and have a great weekend. Roll Tide!