RBR "3 weeks till kickoff!!" Random 10

Every(Fri)day I'm shuffling! Shuffle 'em up, and spit 'em out, guys!

A tribute to the soon-to-be-late Shoelace joe...

1. Jack Johnson -- Breakdown (what Denard Robinson is likely to have the first time Jesse Williams hits him)
2. Depeche Mode -- Strangelove (the feeling that Stockholm Syndrome will likely cause Denard Robinson to have for Jesse Williams by the end of the game)
3. Toad the Wet Sprocket -- Hope (what Denard Robinson will run out of early in the 4th quarter after Jesse Williams rips his still-beating heart out of his chest)
4. Led Zeppelin -- Celebration Day (what Denard Robinson will have when he finally gets out of the body cast that Jesse Williams puts him in)
5. Blues Traveler -- Gina (what Denard Robinson may consider changing his name to after Jesse Williams emasculates him)
6. Verbena -- Prick the Sun (what Denard Robinson will hallucinate about doing after Jesse Williams' last hit on him)
7. Depeche Mode -- Walking in My Shoes (what Denard Robinson will wish he was doing the first time Jesse Williams de-cleats his untied shoes)
8. Kidney Thieves -- Zerospace (what Denard Robinson will find the first time he tries to run. I may yell this lyric from the stands, BTW: "B****, run motherf***er, run!")
9. U2 -- With or Without You (what Denard Robinson will hear from the coaches on how they will finish the first half after he has to go to the locker room early)
10. Suzanne Vega -- Blood Makes Noise (what Denard Robinson will realize as he's laying on the turf)

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