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RBR Tailgating | Pot Roast Sandwiches

This week's edition comes early cause I had stuff to do last night and no time to write a couple thousand words on the TEs and receivers (spoiler alert for tomorrow!). And since I also didn't have a lot of time, hey why not do something easy that you just toss in the trusty old crock pot and let it take care of itself?!


3 to 4 lb chuck beef roast
1 16 oz jar sliced dill pickles, undrained
1 medium onion, chopped
1 teaspoon mustard seed
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1 14 oz can fire roasted diced tomatoes

Place roast in a slow cooker. Pour pickles with juice over top, add onions, mustard seed, garlic, and tomatoes. Cover. Cook on low heat 8 to 10 hours. Shred beef, and pile it onto a toasted bun. I like mine with some spicy brown mustard. Serves 6 to 8.