RBR "15 days away" Random 10

Two weeks from tomorrow!

Let's get some tunes started to help us get through one more football-less weekend...

1. Muse -- Micro Cuts (Kickass song from before they went all Twilight. Still pissed that NBC cut these guys from the Olympics closing ceremony last Sunday. #merica)
2. Fleming & John -- I'm Not Afraid
3. Green Day -- American Idiot (#merica!)
4. Verbena -- Big Skies, Black Rainbows (90s alt band from B'ham; made 2 excellent albums, this one was produced by Dave Grohl, post-Nirvana, pre-Foo)
5. Beck -- Sweet Sunshine
6. Ben Harper -- Homeless Child (awesome)
7. Better than Ezra -- Rosealia (it's always 1995 when I hear this song)
8. No Doubt -- Simple Kind of Life
9. Toad the Wet Sprocket -- Liars Everywhere
10. Lush -- Light from a Dead Star (British alt-pop band from the mid-90s, really good album if you're into it)

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